Internet-TV channel Iskusstvo TV ( - is a universal art channel about culture, broadcasting through the Internet. Main office is located in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

The content of the channel includes videos that reflect the information picture of every day in the field of culture, online broadcasts of cultural events and original thematic programs, which cover various aspects of art.

The program guide of the channel includes authors' works, such as Unprecedented Cinema, Art of Video, Exhibitions, Based on, Names, Interviews, Master Class, Agenda, etc. The project aims at creating cultural and educational programs and at supporting innovative and experimental trends in art.

Also on Iskusstvo TV are  presented   author's projects, which were created for television, films and videos created in cooperation with museums and theaters in order to promote cultural institutions. Creative and production base of the project is the Author's Studio of Olga Razina, which specializes in creating television programs and organizing projects in the field of culture. Production is done in format of Full HD and SD.
Video content aimed at promoting culture and art, takes place in a specially designed platform that allows you to watch Internet video in HD. As a result of large-scale launch Internet TV channel Iskusstvo TV was nominated as a media project of the Year 2009 in a competition Golden Pen.

In 2010, the project has been registered in Roskomnadzor and received a Certificate of Media Registration E-number FS77-42421, dated 21 October 2010.

In this way the Internet-TV channel Iskusstvo TV has become the official media, entirely dedicated to art and culture.


tel: +7 (812) 441 2105
fax:+7 (812) 441 2106